HDA Truck Pride Annual Meeting Going Virtual 75

HDA Truck Pride Annual Meeting Going Virtual


6/11/2020 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting

June 11, 2020 - St Louis, MO
In an effort to bring the independent commercial vehicle aftermarket together, HDA Truck Pride will be hosting its 2020 Annual Shareholders Meeting and Trade Show as a virtual event – complete with dynamic content & speakers, attendee networking and a leading-edge virtual booth show.

The week of August 25th will be transformed into an electronic experience for suppliers and distributors alike. This experience will encourage deeper participation at the distributor level, by all employees, and provide robust business generation for suppliers. Organized into three pavilions, the trade show will highlight Partners-In-Profit suppliers, group suppliers and CV Logistics warehouse suppliers. Making this an event we all look forward to, attendees will have the ability to connect with each other in a more direct and intimate setting, through unique virtual experiences.

“We are excited to spend time with our members and suppliers, during this exciting and unconventional virtual Annual Meeting,” says Tina Hubbard, President and CEO of HDA Truck Pride. “While COVID-19 has precluded us from meeting in person, we’re rising to the challenge of creating a meaningful online experience for our industry partners. We’re looking forward to taking full advantage of the time together, until we can meet again in person.”
In addition to the booth show, which will remain open for 30 days after the show; HDA Truck Pride will devote time to strategic organizational updates to carry through 2020 and 2021. Breakout sessions will also be offered. A full agenda will be available to industry attendees.

About HDA Truck Pride
HDA Truck Pride is North America's largest independent provider of parts and services to the commercial vehicle aftermarket. With over 750 distribution locations and over 400 service facilities, HDA Truck Pride boasts the largest footprint in the industry. The marketing group is focused on value-added services, not just delivering parts, but solving problems and driving technical expertise. The organization offers training, product support and marketing programs all focused on growing the business of its members, fleet customers and service experts. For more information, visit www.hdatruckpride.com.
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