HDA Truck Pride Completes Leadership Transition 74

HDA Truck Pride Completes Leadership Transition


5/1/2020 Leadership Transition

St Louis, MO  
HDA Truck Pride has completed the leadership transition of its CEO from Don Reimondo to Tina Hubbard. The transition has been evolving for the past year, with Hubbard assuming the title of President on January 1st.  
With a gesture that would have been completed at the HDA Truck Pride 2020 annual conference, Reimondo will step into an advisory role to the staff and continue to oversee specific assignments through the remainder of 2020. His retirement will be celebrated at the 2021 HDA Truck Pride annual membership meeting. 
“I have sincerely enjoyed my 12+ years at HDA Truck Pride and I’m proud of the accomplishments and growth the organization has made over that period of time,” says Reimondo. “Special thanks to our Members & Supplier partners for their continued support and commitment during my tenure. Additionally, to our phenomenal staff for their energy and enthusiasm, you made my job easy and I will never be able to thank you enough.”  
Hubbard agrees that the accomplishments and organizational growth are to be celebrated.  “We are beyond grateful to Don for his leadership, camaraderie, mentorship and friendship throughout the past 12 years. His love for the commercial vehicle industry; paired with his vision for HD America and the merger of HDA and Truck Pride catapulted us into the industry leader we’ve become today,” says Tina Hubbard, President and CEO of HDA Truck Pride. 
“Tina’s transition into the CEO role is a natural progression, and is well-suited for the future of our organization,” says David Settles, Chairman of the HDA Truck Pride Board of Directors. “The respect she has for the membership, supplier base and our end users, is parallel to none. She will lead us well into the future – especially during these unprecedented times.” 
About HDA Truck Pride
HDA Truck Pride is North America's largest independent provider of parts and services to the commercial vehicle aftermarket.  With over 750 distribution locations and over 400 service facilities, HDA Truck Pride boasts the largest footprint in the industry. The marketing group is focused on value-added services, not just delivering parts, but solving problems and driving technical expertise. The organization offers training, product support and marketing programs all focused on growing the business of its members, fleet customers and service experts. For more information, visit www.hdatruckpride.com. 

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