HDA Truck Pride Helping Industry Remain Strong 73

HDA Truck Pride Helping Industry Remain Strong


4/22/2020 Helping the Industry Remain Strong

St Louis, MO  
With an unprecedented marketplace, HDA Truck Pride is assisting its members and suppliers to come out of this crisis stronger together. While our Members and Truck Service Experts are focused on the delicate balance of keeping their employees safe and maintaining service to their customers, HDA Truck Pride is focused on providing consistent COVID-19 updates; as well as sales and technical training opportunities. Providing clear and concise Coronavirus communications delivers our Members and Truck Service Experts one simple, consolidated source of information. HDA Truck Pride has shared information related to every aspect of this pandemic: social distancing, essential services, SBA loans, cash flow management and most importantly mental health resources. The communication of this valuable information has become more critical than ever before.  
Training has also become more important. With suppliers unable to make sales calls and conduct technical training in person; and distributors and installers unable to benefit from face to face interaction, HDA Truck Pride seized an opportunity to organize supplier webinars. Featuring more than 65 training opportunities over April and May, HDA Truck Pride launched a new educational webinar series devoted to enhancing the sales and technical knowledge of its member and end user base. The webinar series kicked off on Monday, April 13th and will proceed through at least the end of May. Each training session will bested be housed in our  HDA Truck Pride University.  
“HDA Truck Pride recognizes that new challenges have been presented during this time, but we feel that it is important to focus on taking care of our businesses long term. Focusing on providing our members with clear and concise information related to COVID-19 and implementing this webinar series will help to keep our suppliers and members in a position of strength throughout the crisis,” says Bryan Funke, COO of HDA Truck Pride. 
About HDA Truck Pride
HDA Truck Pride is North America's largest independent provider of parts and services to the commercial vehicle aftermarket.  With over 750 distribution locations and over 400 service facilities, HDA Truck Pride boasts the largest footprint in the industry. The marketing group is focused on value-added services, not just delivering parts, but solving problems and driving technical expertise. The organization offers training, product support and marketing programs all focused on growing the business of its members, fleet customers and service experts. For more information, visit www.hdatruckpride.com. 
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