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5/8/2018 Texas Trucks Direct

Truck, Ag and Auto has changed their name to Texas Trucks Direct; bringing them back to their roots of the trucking industry. In 1982, a two-man service operation began in Stephenville, TX to fill the need for truck repair in the local market area; 100 miles southwest of Dallas. By 1988, the business expanded into Heavy Duty Parts Distribution with a 2,400 sq. ft parts room.

The name Truck, Ag and Auto reflected the needs of the community as a parts and service center not only for trucks, but also for the agricultural and automotive applications. The business continued to grow and so did the facility. In 2006, the company expanded into a 6,400 sq. ft parts warehouse and a 6,000 sq. ft service shop. Truck, Ag and Auto has had it’s share of ups and downs. For instance, when the roof went down from an ice storm … yes, you read that correctly, in December 2013 an ice storm hit Texas and the shop roof collapsed! The upside of that was the rebuilding process which created the now modern and even larger service shop.

As the Texas economy has evolved, so too has their business, which brings them back to their roots … Trucks. On May 1st, 2018, they have officially become Texas Trucks Direct. “We love Texas, we love Trucks and we are your direct source for all of your parts and service needs. We decided to change our name to better reflect our focus. We know trucks inside and out; it is truly our specialty and passion. Our business continues to flourish and for that we are grateful to our customers and all of our employees, both present and past,” stated Jerry Cozby, Owner of Texas Trucks Direct.

“Texas Trucks Direct is a proud member of HDA Truck Pride and we are proud of them for this bold change. We are excited to be a part of their growth and their dedication and focus on their customers and also their employees,” said Tom Tecklenburg, CCO of HDA Truck Pride.  

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