HDA Truck Pride – Mission Accomplished In San Diego


5/8/2018 2018 Annual Membership

Exhilarating, Resourceful, Focused, Exhausting – all in just 3 days! HDA Truck Pride’s 2018 Annual Membership continued their relentless focus on growth. Mission accomplished directing member and supplier attention to “Navigating sustainable growth” both now and as they direct their efforts for the future. The entire event tied together with a patriotic nautical tone; from the recognition of Veterans amongst attendees, to keynote speaker and retired Navy SEAL, to final celebrations aboard the SS Midway.

The meeting commenced on April 4th in San Diego, CA, a perfect venue for the theme “Navigating Sustainable Growth”. The message built upon the stepping stones placed last year, focus on growth. The HDA Truck Pride staff and member peers delivered compelling messages for embracing growth in a variety of manners: through training and investment in your people, product category management expansion, telematics, sales tools, and information technology. 

Keynote Speaker, Alden Mills, former Navy SEAL, delivered a compelling message centered around actions and attitudes as keys to constantly moving the needle forward for growth. Mills’ message and unrivalled story telling delivery was right on target impacting members, suppliers and industry associates to think beyond perceived obstacles. 

Through a combination of speed-networking sessions, traditional booth show venue and a twist on “monopoly”, over 175 supplier partners enlightened the membership on new products, new technology and training that can help members grow their business. Success can be measured in different ways. If measuring in member response to show specials, 2018 has set new standards with record breaking order placement. If measuring in new business development, the number of new business leads has also been record breaking. If the key indicator is awareness of growth opportunities, then the 2018 HDA Truck Pride Annual Meeting accomplished its mission.

“Our industry is changing more rapidly than ever. Our message to our members and supplier partners is very simple ‘Grow or die’. Our mission at HDA Truck Pride is to assist our members in every way possible to be sustainable, profitable entities within the commercial vehicle independent aftermarket and partnering with our suppliers to accomplish that. We unequivocally accomplished our goal to make our members keenly aware of the tools and resources available to them to grow their businesses. And now, the real work begins, as we assist with the implementation,” noted Don Reimondo, President and CEO of HDA Truck Pride.

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