Continued Focus On Growth For HDA Truck Pride 34

Continued Focus On Growth For HDA Truck Pride


3/30/2018 Growth for HDA Truck Pride

Navigating sustainable growth is the continued focus for HDA Truck Pride as they prepare for their 2018 Annual Membership Meeting in San Diego, CA April 4th – 8th . Building from the stepping stones placed last year, 2018 takes the growth initiative to the next level.

Joining the over 800 attendees will be Keynote Speaker, Alden Mills, entrepreneur, author and former Navy SEAL. Mills’ message centers around the principles of his book, “Be Unstoppable”. Actions and attitudes are the keys to constantly moving that needle forward for growth.

Support of Supplier Partners will be demonstrated during a Thursday speed-networking session where 75 of the Partners in Profit sponsors will have 8-minutes to entice members to ask for more. Friday’s complete supplier event affords members the time for thorough and detailed discussions with over 150 suppliers as they learn about new products and ways to grow their business. 

Networking sessions continue the “Growth” theme in smaller, intimate sessions: Tools for Growth, Sales training for Growth, Telematics for Growth and Product Category expansion for Growth. Members and Suppliers will be lead by their peers in productive networking sessions to discuss best practices.

Saturday morning’s CV Logistics fair will wrap up the official meeting with a unique theme to encourage members to take advantage of show specials, but more importantly, to encounter every single growth opportunity available through the HDATP CV Logistics warehouse.

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