HDATP Enhances Aftertreatment Category With Dinex


3/30/2018 Dinex Aftertreatment

HDA Truck Pride enhances their Aftertreatment Category with the addition of Dinex Emission, Inc as a supplier partner. Dinex is a Danish based company founded in 1982. Headquartered in Denmark, Dinex Group operates 20 companies in 16 different countries. The Dinex Group is a leading global manufacturer of innovative engineered exhaust and emission control products and solutions for the heavy duty diesel and gas engine industry.

Aftertreatment is the fastest growing category in the Commercial Vehicle industry. The number of vehicles in operation continues to grow at a rapid pace, as does the number of maintenance concerns. HDA Truck Pride has expanded their Aftertreatment supplier partnerships to include Dinex Emission due to their distribution philosophy, along with their complete turbo to tailpipe strategy.

“Dinex enhances our members capability of servicing the aftertreatment DPF and DOC needs of their customers. More importantly, it gives our members the future opportunities within the Pipe Treatment Solutions, as we round out the entire system and category expansion,” states Tina Hubbard, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management at HDA Truck Pride. “We are very eager about the growth opportunities our new partnership with Dinex brings to HDA Truck Pride.”

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