GenNext “Speed Mentoring” Energizes 2017 HDA Truck Pride Membership Meeting


5/19/2017 GenNex "Speed Mentoring"

HDA Truck Pride kicked off its 2017 Membership Meeting with the optimism regarding “Navigating Sustainable Growth”. The kickoff event of the jam-packed schedule was a speed networking event for nearly sixty GenNext HD millennials and successful HDA Truck Pride Board members and executives from partner suppliers. Overwhelmingly positive feedback from Mentors and Millennials is already being considered to shape a similar event for next year’s meeting.

“We are fortunate to learn from these seasoned executives who have grown this great industry into the collaborative business it is today,” said Nikki Paschall, Marketing Programs Manager and GenNext HD Board Member for HDA Truck Pride. “Their perspective is invaluable as we prepare to service customers and connect our future businesses through technology so that together we may drive sustainable growth into the future.”

The HDA Truck Pride organization proudly supports GenNext HD during their annual meeting, and additionally throughout the year with participation in industry events. Additionally, HDA Truck Pride has an internal group of GenNext HD participants who convene periodically to network and steer participation.

“Multigenerational networking is invaluable to those in established careers as well as thosemembers of GenNext HD who are enthusiastically acquiring knowledge about the industry’s history,” said Don Reimondo, President and CEO. “We must pass along our best practices and collaborate to improve upon current practices to create sustainable growth for HDA Truck Pride and solidify our legacy in the independent commercial vehicle aftermarket.”

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