HDA Truck Pride 2017 Membership Meeting Hit Its Mark With Members And Suppliers


5/11/2017 2017 Membership Meeting

The HDA Truck Pride 2017 Membership Meeting hit its mark with members and suppliers as they met to discuss “Navigating Sustainable Growth” at this year’s annual membership meeting. For this organization, implementing a data-driven product marketing strategy and leveraging technology to focus on continuous improvement are keys for sustainable growth.

During General Sessions, over 800 attendees were briefed on a thorough product category management strategy, a comprehensive new website, a world-class training overhaul, and the introduction of a multilevel telematics solution. The HDA Truck Pride Partners in Profit Suppliers showed unfaltering support with an exclusive “red carpet preview” to the Supplier Showcase.

To round out the week, there were on-site training clinics put on by HDA Truck Pride Staff, a GenNext HD Speed mentoring session, and a fantastic Keynote address by leadership expert Tom Flick on the distinction between leading and managing.

Perhaps the highlight of the week was the announcement of the coveted 2016 Truck Service Expert of the Year. STS Truck Services was honored by HDA Truck Pride at the meeting. Chad Adams and Bob Harper made the trip to Orlando, FL to accept the prestigious award.

“Our goals for the membership meeting are to engage our supply chain partners and empower our membership to focus on continuous improvement and sustainable growth,” said Don Reimondo, President and CEO. “Reflecting upon our 2017 meeting, we accomplished our goals while seizing the opportunity to spend time together breaking bread and building upon already strong relationships.”

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