HDA Truck Pride Proudly Anticipating GenNext Mentoring Event At 2017 Membership Meeting


4/24/2017 2017 GenNext Mentoring Event

When HDA Truck Pride descends upon Orlando to discuss “Navigating Sustainable Growth” at this year’s annual membership meeting, it will be bolstered again by the presence of the GenNext HD members. GenNext HD are members of the commercial vehicle industry born between 1975 and 1995 that are poised to lead these enterprises successfully into the future.

“Making the transition into leadership is natural for our generation, as we actively pursue collaborative work opportunities,” said Nikki Paschall, Marketing Programs Manager and GenNext HD Representative for HDA Truck Pride. “We want to get into the business and roll up our sleeves to drive best practices that benefit the customers and our teammates so that we are driving sustainable growth through loyal customer relationships.”

The HDA Truck Pride organization pledged additional support for the GenNext HD event during their annual meeting this year. The HDA Truck Pride Board members and executives from partner suppliers have volunteered to participate in a networking event to share knowledge and experience in a “mentorship” event between the generations.

“Fostering these relationships enables members nearing retirement to identify solid succession plans and equips GenNext HD members with tribal knowledge of the industry,” said Don Reimondo, President and CEO. “At HDA Truck Pride we believe that this creates sustainable growth and allows them to take over in the smoothest way possible.”

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